Final Installment

So now that we are in the final installment of these list of articles all about oriental rugs I think it is safe to say that you know a fair amount about the types of oriental rugs that are out there in the world and you definitely have a fair enough knowledge about the different countries in which you can find oriental rugs throughout the world, and that means that we all know now that oriental rugs are found all over a large land area of the world, and although this type of practice isn’t as respected in western cultures it is something that a lot of people in the eastern cultures revere because a lot of interesting people are the people who are the ones who create these elaborate works of art that are meant to be displayed and used in our homes as a rug.

But of course there are always a lot of similar people who learn the ways of the craft and are actually brought up in this unique way to know exactly how to make really great oriental rugs, and to me this is fascinating because there is no telling just how much work goes into making one of those really awesome oriental rugs, and I think the creators of those rugs might not even disclose the truth about how long they put into working on their products, but of course it definitely takes a really long time, and that is why it is so important for people to learn the craft from an early age so that when they are older they will be able to be more efficient in the ways in which they do things, and that is obviously a whole different story but it is also the type of story that I think a lot of us understand and want to understand even further but are confused, because I sure as hell know I am confused right now.

But for our last installment of these articles we are going to continue to talk about some of the different unique styles that go into making oriental rugs, and I think that if you area friend and fan of oriental rugs of all types then this is definitely going to entertain you thoroughly.

So the next type of oriental rug that we are going to be talking about is actually a Persian rug that comes from the Iran area of the world called the Gabbeh rug. This type of rug is known for having a really natural look, and I think for the most part that is exactly what these rugs entail, and they usually are pretty basic designs, nothing crazy, but bright features and geometric patterns that look pleasing to the eyes. One of the most important features of this type of oriental rug is that every single one of them is consisted of five and up to seven different types of bright colors so that the rug starts to look like a rug inside a rug.

The next type of rug that we are going to talk about is one that I think is very special and is maybe one of the most intricate rug designs in the world, and that is the Kazak Rug. These types of rugs are not generic of many cultures at all, and for the most part you need to go to Azerbaijan or Afghanistan to understand that they are not even that big of deal but just really great looking rugs that deserve a lot of credit.
And so that is exactly what we have tried to do in these articles and that is to give you the readers a chance to understand what it is like to own an oriental rug and why oriental rugs are actually a super cool thing to have because they are just awesome in general.

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Get Some Good Rugs In Your Homes

Now for the most part I think that oriental rugs and rugs in general get a bad reputation, and I just don’t get why so many people especially in the United States get weird vibes and end up just not even having good rugs in their homes and either just carpet their whole homes or just put little mats some places over their hard wood floors or something like that, but of course rugs are always really intricate and fun things to have on your floors and they definitely speak volumes to your guests that you are a classy person who understands that rugs are vital floor designs and can sometimes really make the energy and overall atmosphere of a room completely change.

It always feels nice to be standing on a really nice oriental rug and then looking down at your feet and seeing all of the intricate designs below you and deciding for yourself how you feel, and I bet for the most part that when you do something like this that you actually are going to have a really great feeling run up from your toes into your legs and up into your brain and make you feel good through a frequency sensation that can only be described through the symbolic and cerebral designs on the specific oriental rug that you are standing on. And this is a very special experience that not enough people in the western world get to experience and that is because they a lot of people in this part of the world do not own oriental rugs, but of course even the term oriental rug is very broad and can mean so many different cultures of people and rug work, and I bet that even some of the rugs that you have bought from stores in the United States might even have at least some type of oriental inspiration in its design, or maybe even more likely that the rug you bought from a store in the United States was actually produced and created in the oriental part of the world.

But yes, all of these blogs and articles have all been about oriental rugs and what they have done for so many different people in the world and how cool they are in general, and for this particular article that we are going to be discussing right now what we are going to do is talk about some of the types of oriental rugs just so that you can start to learn the many differences from the types of rugs that generate all over Asia and even into Africa, and this is also going to help you to understand these cultures in general because making rugs is definitely something that a lot of us don’t quite understand how important it is, and that definitely goes into so many different levels, but of course we are not going to be discussing this type of thing just yet, maybe in one of the next articles on this list of blogs.

OK, so the first type of rugs that we are going to talk about are Anatolian, also known as Turkish rugs. I think that Turkish rugs are really awesome because they have a lot of different interpretations, but of course they have a lot of inspiration from the Islamic population that lives in Turkey, and that typically means really good rugs as well. The next type of rug that we are going to talk about is the Persian rug, which generally comes from countries like Iran, and I think that these rugs are definitely a big part of the country’s culture and that is kind of a stereotype of these cultures, but still is something that a lot of people in this part of the world are very proud about and is very great art form in Iran and other areas of the Middle East.

Then there are the Egyptian rugs and I think that of course being in Egypt there are a bunch of different rugs that just about anyone could really like, and of course when we think of major world markets like Cairo we know that rug selling is something that happens in that city all of the time, and of course it is always a little bit more unique then in other parts of the oriental rug part of the world.

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Oriental Rugs From Around The World

There are a lot of great details that we can go into when it comes to the oriental rugs around the world and what they all mean on deeper levels, but I think it is first and foremost important to recognize that the oriental rug market is such a lucrative business because for the most part everyone everywhere understands that amount of artisanship and textiles that go into making these elaborate rugs, and of course there a bunch of different purposes and reasons for purchasing an oriental rug, and I think that if people start to think about the types of oriental rugs that they could buy then they definitely would understand that for the most part there are really great deals for products that are specifically for their type of style or whatever looks good in their homes, and that is basically what the oriental rug and nice rug business is all about.

It’s home decoration at its very finest, in terms of your floors, and of course it is really cool and classy to ask people to take their shoes off on an elaborate mural of a rug that just speaks out that you are a cultured person who has traveled throughout Asia, and I think although if you are an American or someone not from one of these areas of the world in which oriental rugs are popular and you buy one there you will more than likely need to figure out how to ship it back to the United States I am absolutely sure that it is not that complicated and a lot of rug dealers actually are the types of people who will ship the rug to the United States or wherever you live for you so that making their rugs easier to purchase isn’t on you and you don’t have to deal with this type of thing anymore.

Of course not everyone has the money to travel to the oriental rug area of the world, but maybe you just really like the styles of many of these oriental rugs and I can see why because they are so cool, well then you don’t have to go all the way to Asia anymore in this day and age because now you can just buy and research your favorite rug that is perfect for your home right in the comforts of your home, and I think that is something that a lot of people just don’t quite understand but definitely know is possible. The things is that a lot of people really settle when it comes to the types of rugs that they have in their homes, and this is an absolute shame because people should be proud of their rugs just like the people who make oriental rugs, and if you want an oriental rug in your home then we are definitely going to help you decide right now which style and type of oriental rug is best for you because all of these blogs are oriented around oriental rugs and that means we are here to help you find your perfect oriental rug, so enjoy these articles and keep reading and tugging on.

So the next type of oriental rug that we are going to talk about is the Chobi Rug, which is also known as a Peshawar type of oriental rug, and I think that this particular oriental rug is really beautiful and definitely has a lot of really nice design works in the style as well as good rug colors that would definitely look good on hardwood floors. The colors of this style of oriental rug generally are around the golden persuasion and definitely has lighter shades of the same yellow type of color that is all over the rug, and of course there are a lot of flowers and great designs all over this type of rug, but it typically very symmetrical and floral on these types of oriental rugs. Another thing that I really enjoy that goes along with vintage rugs is vintage jewelry. There is nothing like having a house full of vintage rugs and a dresser full of vintage jewelry.





Studying The Rug

When it comes to the studying of oriental rugs there definitely is a lot that we can learn, and the thing is that for the most part people in the western part of the world just don’t get it when it comes to the rugs of oriental cultures, and for the most part people in the west just think it is something strange that Asians do for fun and money and they a lot of times make fun of oriental and Persian rugs but I think that most of us just don’t get it that oriental and Persian rug making is actually something that is really special to these cultures and it is not something that should be made fun of at all, because in a weird way if you make fun of people for making oriental rugs then you are in a way making fun of them for being spiritual, and when you make fun of someone for being spiritual that is really bad karma and you do not want that on your conscience so all of this ‘Persian rug making’ jokes and stuff like that really needs to stop in America, and I think that for the most part what I can do as a simple blogger through these articles is to help inform people more about oriental rugs and what they mean for all of us in terms of the artisanship and the craft that goes into making an elaborate oriental rug, and of course the symbolic, spiritual meanings that go behind making rugs like this.

I think that if we get to the core of what oriental rug making is all about everyone who reads these articles, which should be around thousands of people if we really think about it, will start to understand that oriental rugs are actually very spiritual pieces of art and that they should be respected just like we all respect stain glass windows in churches and other religious art in western culture, because no one would be happy if they heard someone making fun of a stain glass window or something like that, and so people now do not like it when oriental rug making gets made fun of, so let’s stop the games and let’s actually be adults for once and talk about the mystical and awesome nature of making oriental rugs and we actually might learn something. Does that sound interesting to you? Well, if it does sound interesting to you then you are definitely in the right spot online because all of these articles are all about the different types of oriental rugs and what they all mean to the world and the artists on a deeper level, and I’m sure that when we get down into it you will start to not only learn things about oriental rugs but you will also learn things about the entire universe and it is through this knowledge that you can start to expand your mind and see the world for what it actually is, and that is something that every human needs to experience.

So one of the types of oriental rugs that we are going to talk about first and foremost is the Bokhara rug, and I think that his type of rug is very commonly found all over Asia, but mostly in places surrounding central Asia, like in places like Afghanistan, India and even Pakistan. Now these colors are usually very vibrant in this type of oriental rug and the patterns are something that are constantly being repeated all over the rug, and of course these styles and patterns are very, very intricate designs and of course there is something really symbolic in these rugs as well and that come sin the solid jewel shapes that are surrounded by circles that tend to be displayed in this type of rug. Now, what this symbolizes on a deeper level is the flower of life and megaton’s cube, and I think that when you start to think about these designs and you start to notice that these are universal symbols not only relevant and found in oriental cultures but in cultures all over the world then you can realize that these rugs are actually not just oriental rugs but rugs for the entire human species.

The Type Of Rug For You

When it comes to rugs we are the type of bloggers and writers to listen to, and for the most part when we are going to be talking about all of the eccentric and awesome rugs all over the world we are going to be referring to oriental rugs, and I think oriental rugs are very broad in their respects to the styles that they have all over Asia and the Middle East, so it is important to understand that when we say something like oriental rugs that we are not just talking about rugs from China, and  I think this is a common misconception that a lot of Americans have about oriental rugs, but the thing is that oriental rugs actually is a very broad term that can apply to a bunch of other countries and their rug designs besides China, and I think even though China and the Chinese people are definitely known for creating beautiful rugs it is in other areas of the world where we see some of the most beautiful and intense artisanship of rug work ever created by humans, and of course a lot of oriental rugs all over the world share common symbols and other things that have made them very universal and great for anyone’s home all over the world, and I think that a lot of this symbolism gets lost in translation but we will be trying our best throughout these blogs to help bring the meanings of these rugs back to life for westerners, and this is really important because for the most part westerners are inept when it comes to spirituality but people in the oriental areas of the world are definitely more in tune with their own spirituality, and that is something that makes them and their cultures so awesome. We as Americans need to recapture spiritual practices before it is too late, and I think that rugs might not be the answer for something as complex as that, but at the same time if we can start to appreciate things like oriental rugs in our every day lives then we can definitely start to capture the essence of being spiritual, and maybe it all just starts with an oriental rug. So maybe you are the type of person who is trying to recapture their spirituality, or maybe you just like oriental rugs a lot and you want to learn more about them, well then I must say that you have come to a very interesting blog area of the internet because all of these articles that are going to be discussed are about oriental rugs and their meanings, and of course we are going to be getting into a bunch of concepts and ideas involving oriental rugs but that doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about them in extensive details, which is exactly what we are going to do at all costs.

What is really interesting is that there actually is some real evidence that making rugs is actually a very spiritual thing to do in a lot of worldly religions, and this is part of the reasons why rugs and carpets have become so unique and special in many parts of the world, because the actual practice of creating an oriental rug is supposed to be spiritual and made to appease God and other things like that. It is always pretty obvious that through the designs and other things that you can see displayed in oriental rugs that a ton of work was put into these rugs, especially when they are hand made which seems crazy but it actually is a reality and that is something that a lot of us need to understand a little bit better because we all are here on this earth for just a brief amount of time and if we start to understand spirituality through something like oriental rugs then we can really open our eyes to the entire universe and see that the rugs are just symbols for the entire universe and everything in it, and that is a really special realization that a lot of people don’t quite understand just yet, but they definitely will understand in good timing while studying oriental rugs with us on these articles.

Asian Rugs

I think that a lot of Asian cultures and Persians in general sometimes get a bad reputation for the rugs that they have in their cultures like as if their entire culture is all about expensive rugs that extremely detailed or something like that, and of course this isn’t true although oriental rugs is definitely a really lucrative business all over the world and the thing is that these cultures actually do put a lot of effort into their carpets and rugs, and this is something that we should definitely commemorate these cultures for an not make fun of them, but sadly in the United States a lot of times white, privileged people think that by making fun of oriental and Persian carpets they can get a good laugh with their friends, and maybe it is a little stereotypical, which kind of gives it room for humor, but still it is not right and we should be talking about oriental rugs with the utmost respect because when it comes down to it these types of rugs are actually fantastic art forms that don’t get enough credit and deserve all the respect that it took the artisans and artists to create such elaborate designs into their rugs.

What is also so interesting about oriental and Persian rugs is that they actually have a ton of symbolic meanings in them and some of these meanings even hint at things like the flower of life and the creation of the entire universe, so these are definitely very special rugs to have in your home and they physically and emotionally can elicit a lot of great energy towards you and all of your guests in your home so they definitely are good things to put on your floors and signify people to place their shoes on before entering your home. Now of course there is a lot that we can talk about in terms of oriental rugs because they are so eclectic and unique, and what is so exciting about all of this is that we are definitely going to be able to talk all about oriental and nice rugs in a whole bunch of different areas throughout these articles on this site, so if you just so happen to the type of person who really likes oriental rugs and you are maybe looking for a new oriental rug to purchase or you just want to learn more about this magical artisanship then you definitely are in a good spot online because when it comes to oriental rugs these blogs have it all and we will be able to teach you a bunch about oriental rugs very shortly and thoroughly throughout these brief article blogs that I have created just for you and for all of the readers of this site, so I hope you enjoy reading about oriental rugs and that you learn a lot about oriental rugs.

First off, I think it is important for us to first understand where oriental rugs technically come from because a lot of the times people just white wash oriental rugs as just a bunch of rugs from China or Asia, but their technically is an area of the world known as the ‘rug belt’ and within this rug belt there are a ton of different places and cultures that create very elaborate rugs, and of course they are all different in respects to their specific cultures, but of course they stretch across in pretty much a straight line across the globe that is kind of why it seems like a belt area of the world. This entire area of the ‘rug belt’ starts around Morocco or in northern Africa and then stretches across the African continent into places like Israel and the Middle East, and I think this is where we see a lot of different types of Persian rugs because Israel especially and the entire Middle East is an area of the world in which a bunch of different cultures have come together to live in one place, and this is partly why there is so much violence in this area of the world.

But it is also why there are so many different types of rugs in the Middle East as well. The ‘rug belt’ then stretches into areas like Tibet and Turkey, and this is where Persian rugs start to blend in with oriental rugs, and I think Tibet might be one of the best areas in the world to get really authentic oriental rugs, and it is just a very special place as well. Of course the belt goes even further into areas like India and Pakistan which is a little further south, but in all of these grand countries and cultures across the world making rugs is actually a really popular thing to do and people really revere their rugs as an integral part of their homes, and that is partly because in these cultures people take off their shoes when they enter a home, which sometimes doesn’t happen in places like the United States and is kind of strange but it definitely still happens all over the world as a customary thing to do when you enter someone’s home.






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